historia emin


    Emin Group started its activities in 1984 with the creation Emin Engineering and Construction, company oriented to the development of projects with innovative solutions in the area of geosynthetics, primarily for mining applications.

    From that moment, there have been created a number of companies specialized in the development of complementary services that, over time, have not only extended their services beyond mining but also to other countries of the continent.

    Thus companies that are now part of the EMIN Group have developed valuable experience and knowledge that allow them to offer a wide range of services to the mining industry, to support infrastructure projects in Chile in Peru and Brazil, as well and serve on the energy market and engineering.

    In this way, the companies have grown providing services to countless customers and employing thousands of workers. In the future, the EMIN Group intend to continue being an important source of support for its customers, as well as a source of personal and professional development for its employees.